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Mar 31, 2015:@laurenlaverne absolutely love Teleman s new sounds , sold ! Brian in Cork
Mar 29, 2015:RT @TotallyIrish98: New music later also from @RoisinOmusic @RainyBoySleep @THEMIGHTYSTEF @TheDonalQuinn @MKAIband Binaries- @NewNoise_ @la?
Band of the week- Carpool Conversation/ Right Chord Music
Truly deserving of the description ‘diverse,’ Carpool Conversation lack the usual signs of mainstream conformity. As a band, they do not attempt to fit in where they do not belong. Instead, they create a musical home of their own. Although that home may seem a tad kooky, it is warm and inviting, and any contemporary music fan should visit at least once. If you have been searching for the next musical bombshell, you may have just found it.
Finishing touches to new sound !

Band of the week- Carpool Conversation/ Right Chord Music


Unorthodox? Yes. Musically brave? Most definitely! There are many other adjectives one could use to describe the sound of London-based three-piece, Carpool Conversation. Established by Irish-born Brian O’Reilly, the band began experimenting with genre’s, styles and sounds, way back in 2010. Though their energetic indie music comes across as improvised, the bands carefully prepared scat-stylings, are far from impulsive.


Right Chord Music

October gigs !

Live in London

New member of Carpool Conversation

Mat Carpool Conversation 's new bass player

Behold  the new bass player - Welcome to Carpool Conversation Mat

African Queen in a Brazilian Dream EP Download

BBC6 muisc radio play !

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

Toil played by Cideo Coe and Tom Robinson's shows , thanks guys !

Africian queen in a Brazilian dream live @The Monarch , Camden London

Paradise on the Green , London